Fint Brand Character Design

Fint is a 1:1 customized simple investment service that manages customer assets with its own investment operation platform ‘Preface’ and AI investment engine ‘Isaac’. MovingStones developed brand characters and established a universe to unfold
Fint's own story at MOT(Moment Of Truth) with Fint's unique identity.

AI Investment Engine, ISAAC

Isaac is an AI investment engine that oversees Fint Universe. It Learns and studies infinite financial data so that customers can trust and deposit. The head is designed to be large so it can feature huge processes. Isaac's sensitive ears for financial information combined functionality and cuteness.

Fint Pig
The spiritual robot that brings luck, Fint Pig

The part that looks like a Fint Pig's nose is actually a face(display type) and it has a USB rechargeable body. A basic behavior algorithm is closer to a puppy than a pig when you see it following Isaac, with wagging tail, and cocking ears. For good results, there are always Fint Pig standing by ISAAC.

Flying Financial Data Study Program, Modules

Modules divide infinite data floating on the Fint Universe by section and learn it so can deliver the optimal information value to
Isaac, and help Isaac’s study. Each Modules are at top - tier in their own specialties such as Dollar, overseas stocks, gold, real estate, bond and commodity. Thanks to Modules today, Fint Universe's Asset Trees are growing steadily in a changing environment.

Asset Tree
Financial Indicators of Various Customers, Asset Trees

Customer's Asset Trees are growing in Fint Universe. Asset Trees grow in different forms depending on the customer's investment propensity. You can seize your financial status at once through the form of the variable tree. Also, transparent branches and leaves symbolize financial transparency that you can check asset operation status at any time. Customer's precious Asset Trees are growing steadily under Isaac's strict supervision and the fertile environment of Preface.

Fint Brand Character Design
Character Design
MovingStones Inc.

Character Animation
Devil'sCandy Inc.

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